Making Security & Risk go from good to Great

Many new build and retro-fit projects are good.  Some in fact are really good.  But from a Security & Risk perspective they can be great.

How do they get there?  Here are some major considerations/elements to make them that way.

Strategic Forethought

  • Take a strategic approach in defining the priorities, make right what can be rectified, put into operation proper property management that can be flexible to varying and changing levels of threat and risk.

Maximum Unity

  • Maximize elements for the final users of the project and the community it resides and serves; functionality, aesthetics, which drives overall project value.

Concerted Input

  • Utilize other professionals on the project; tenant/user/community representation, designers, security & risk professionals to create pioneering solutions

Future Vision

  • You don’t necessarily have to do it all at once, but have a plan in place that will address future changing threats, risks and needs of the project once the project is complete.

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