Security – Putting it all together.

I couldn’t have put it any better than an industry colleague had put it in his recent book.  Thomas L. Norman, CPP/PSP/CSC wrote in his latest works Risk Analysis and Security Countermeasure Selection that security brings “together sociology, economics, psychology, technology, architecture, landscaping, project management, engineering, critical thinking game theory, and logic”.

That’s a lot of information to remember, consider and execute.  When properly done and managed security professionals whether in-house or outside resource professionals, can save clients millions of dollars that would may have been otherwise lost as a result of unexamined or ignored risks.

Security advice the way it should be told.

This site and blog has been created to share thoughts, experiences and advice with matters related to security management, risk management, loss prevention and a whole host of areas related to protecting your business, employees and your interest.  Posts will be added frequently but only when I have solid information or advice to share.