The Company

We focus on the possibilities rather than the problems. Instead of what is wrong, we look at what is working, we look at the strengths, and look to take advantage of the existing assets to address and manage risks.

Every day companies, governments and the services of critical infrastructure  are faced with situations that affect the security and safety of a multitude of stake-holder; potentially threatening the reputation and health of the company. Complicating the situation is the requirement for companies to be in compliance with frequently changing regulations and legislation.

Enhancing the resilience of our companies, government entities and that of critical infrastructure can be achieved through the strategic development and combination of security measures to address intentional and accidental incidents; business continuity practices to deal with disruptions and ensure the continuation of the essential services we enjoy and appreciate; and emergency management planning to ensure adequate response procedures are in place to deal with unforeseen disruptions and natural disasters.

The Michael White Group contributes to world wide standards and provides this expertise internationally. Our collaborative style ensures the final outcome meets the needs of the business and positively impacts business operations.

Our solutions are tailor-made to each company and fit for purpose; we don’t want to solve a problem by creating a new future risk for our clients.

The Michael White Group focuses on ensuring the client achieves their objectives.


Our Philosophy.

We actively participate in the development of best practices and industry standards.

We apply defensible strategies that protect your organization.

We recommend programs that protect your brand and reputation.

We guide and assist in the mitigating of any of your future liability.