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We identify, investigate, mitigate and manage risks through the development of comprehensive security, crisis, risk mitigation and management programs. All of our programs include collaboratively working with internal and external partners, and educating of organizational business areas on agreed upon measures and protocols.

Our collaborative style of delivery ensures program design and developments meet the needs of the business/government and/or critical infrastructure and positively impact business operations. Our team focuses on ensuring that content design and enhancements address changing market security risks, business vulnerabilities, contingencies and trends.

We are professionals who offer detailed advisory support backed by decades of experience, education and proven results.   This experience equips us with the capabilities to ensure that our clients can reduce overall exposure to risk and optimize return on their total risk mitigation investment.


Service offerings include:

Risk and Security Management

  • Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis
  • Security program development, review, KPI’s and strategic planning
  • Security Personnel Recruiting, Evaluation and Training

Organizational Resilience Management

  • Operations Management
  • Virtual Security Manager
  • Tender/Bid Preparation, Review & Supplier Vetting
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Safety
  • Information Emergency Diagrams (I.E.D.)
  • Emergency Mock training and E.O.C. development
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Business Continuity

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Services

  • Aerial Inspections
  • Aerial Photography & Videography


We have a great presence in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) in its various sectors (Healthcare, Education, Energy & Utility, Government) nationally and internationally focusing on the processes, systems, facilities, technologies, networks, assets and services essential to the health, safety, security or economic well-being of and the effective functioning of government and private organizations.

What we do for every client is different. We offer a free initial consultation to see if there’s a fit for us to work together.

Please feel free to contact us.

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