Business Continuity & the Physical Security Professional

Business Continuity is planned. There are a number of areas that the physical security professional is involved in from the business continuity plan building, training, exercising, and execution.

At a high level lets look at three areas.

  1. Security Technology
  2. Response
  3. Off-site security

An organization’s security technology needs to keep going…

…even during an unexpected event. As an example, video surveillance and all of its operational tools need to continue before, during and after an unexpected event. Not having access to a physical security tool such as video surveillance may create a vulnerability in an area of the organization, possibly compromising the organization.

You need people to physically respond.

Your physical security team in most cases are well trained in executing such requirements that require some form of logistical response such as moving large numbers of people or finding adequate space for the same said group.

Securing the off-site location.

And lastly, many business continuity plans have a requirement or potential requirement for needing off-site space to move the office to during an unexpected event. The physical security team is a valuable resource to make sure the off-site venue is safe, secure, and adequate to accommodate the physical needs of the organization.

We can help your organization map this connectiveness to your physical security professionals.

It all starts with a conversation.

Plan the Work. Work the Plan.

(note that the list presented is not a conclusive list but is presented to provoke thought leadership)

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