Forensic Security & Risk Management

Threats, new employment laws, international conflict and more regulatory compliance concerns compel organizations to evaluate their risk profile and security programs. In the event of an incident people look for answers.

What We Do

The team at the Michael White Group thrives on being involved in the design, review and implementation of risk and security programs for corporations, executives, international high-profile landmarks, critical infrastructure installations and the plain unmarked buildings no one notices.

We’re equipped with the experience and capabilities to ensure our clients reduce overall exposure to risk, security breaches and begin to realize a return on their overall security investment.

To provide that value we work collaboratively with client representation to:

  • Perform a security risk assessment and analysis
  • Review existing or develop a new security program with embedded KPI’s and strategic planning,
  • Develop travel policies, procedures, and training, create detailed threat assessment profiles for country, region and city destination of travel, and
  • Assist in security personnel recruitment, evaluation and training.

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Risk Management

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We create risk mitigation strategies that protect organizations globally.

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