Organizational Resilience Management

We believe that every organization needs to have the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper.

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)

Businesses, Governments and organizations of various verticals are continuously exposed to evolving threats, which generate a myriad of security risks.

Historically , security risks to the enterprise have not been consistently managed or reviewed using a defined risk management principles and process. Enterprise Security Risk Management is consistently applied and holistic approach to an organization’s security risks and will enable organizations to effectively manage security risks and the potential impacts.

Emergency Management

Doing business today exposes organizations to a wide range of business and operational risks.

We see growing examples of disruptive events; the need for emergency preparedness and response have become key contributors to business performance, success, reputation and brand integrity.

We offer a range of advisory services; either designed to optimize your existing emergency management programs or to develop a program specifically designed and tested for your organization. Our team has experience in developing and evaluating both emergency response plans, and teams. We prepare and deliver simulated emergency training to enable our clients to practice seamlessly addressing potential business disruption.

The Michael White Group also offers a unique service offering; Information Emergency Diagrams (I.E.D.). I.E.D.’s are detailed architecture drawings of your spaces indicating where key response devices, tools and or other relatable items are located for your internal teams and external emergency responders.

Business Continuity

Your organization has a responsibility to its various stakeholders, customers included, to have the capability to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable levels following a disruptive incident.

Through working with your teams to understand the resilience strengths and gaps in your organization, we will guide the development of a business continuity plan. Our team will ensure that your organization is prepared to continue with the delivery of what you do best even through a disruptive incident.

Operations Management

Our team fills a niche; we have the expertise to provide strategic plans and translate this to managing successful operationally focused teams.

We take on the responsibility of ensuring that the business operations unit relating to our expertise verticals are efficient in using as few resources as needed and effective in terms of meeting our clients requirements. We concern ourselves with managing the process that converts inputs into outputs creating positive results, positive impact, and mitigating risk.

We offer our strategic and operational services in various outputs; Virtual Security Manager, Tender/Bid Preparation, and Review and Supplier Vetting.

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Organizational Resilience Management

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