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Half a year into a pandemic. Many lessons learned. Some organizations learning for the first time, some having experienced other interruptions that forced them previously to adapt.  Some weather this storm a little bit better than expected and others, unfortunately have not survived.

One lesson we can all perhaps agree on, is the value in preparedness, planning, training, communication, and execution.

This is where Business Continuity lives.

So, to understand if you’ve been business continuity planning or not, or executing a business continuity plan…read the following and see if this fits what your business has done to prepare for different disruptions to your business other than a pandemic.

  1. We took steps to examine and understand what might interrupt or disrupt our business and operations.
  2. Then we figured out those parts of the business that are key to our success.
  3. To do that, we figured out what was really important. What were the things we did for our success and how long would it take us, if we stopped those things to get it back to or as close as possible to what we were doing…the normal.
  4. Once we understood how to get back to the normal, we wrote it down. But we had an honest understanding that it may not go exactly as planned and that we needed to be flexible.
  5. Every once in a while, we would make sure we could do what we say we would do if something was to happen and to make sure nothing has changed that we have not seen.

Many organizations out there did all of this, but in the moment. Some a moment too late.

Keeping your organization going takes a lot of effort. It can take that same amount of effort and more when hit with a disruption. Having a business continuity plan in place helps with the stress of the effort.

Preparation, planning, communication is key.

Not sure where to start? Have already started, but have hit a roadblock?

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