Adequate doesn’t cut it

A basic business continuity & disaster recovery plan takes into consideration events that will cause significant disruption to the business. Disruption even to the point that the main function or deliverable of the organization is greatly impaired.

Many organizations that have such plans have made consideration to such events such as a pandemic where business interruption would last for some significant time.

Here is the rub. As events such as a pandemic are unlikely to occur, most of the plan holders would have said pre-pandemic that their mitigation strategies would have been adequate given the threat.

This pandemic has challenged many organizations. It has put a challenge to their “adequate” strategies and in far too many cases has crippled businesses all over the world.

Strategize now. Adequate mitigation strategies do not make the mark.

Strengthen your risk, security and organizational resilience plans now. Often an outside set of ears hears the questions not being asked. An outside set of eyes sees the gaps you have not.

Plan it. Write it. Test it. Evaluate it.

Plan the Work. Work the Plan.

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