COVID19 – the Second World tour

As COVID19 continues to make its world tour the number of infected grows, currently at a slightly increasingly daily rate than months before.

So, if like many iconic music bands, it has the fortitude or perhaps the need for the limelight, covid19 begins another world tour. You can’t get a t-shirt size big enough to list all of its tour dates and stops…it will just simply list all of the continents it has visited.

Is your organization better prepared now for a second wave?

• Has your organization achieved (or maybe earned?) the resiliency it needs to carry on through the next stage?
• Have you been able to assess any gaps in your risk, security and/or your business continuity plans?
• What did you learn?
• Is your team better prepared for the same or something even stronger?

Globally our health professionals are predicting a second wave. What the second wave looks like will depend on many different factors; all to which your organization really has no control over.

What you can manage is how your organization will be prepared to survive and succeed in this next world tour. How will your team react to the severity that the second wave brings? Are your resources prepared if there is even perhaps a different or simultaneous emergency (e.g. flood, wildfire, civil unrest, etc.)

The discussions, if they haven’t already, should start now.

Your planning should start now.

Plan the Work. Work the Plan.

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