You are different, and so are your Risks

Your organization is about to reopen; you are about to create reopening protocols, or you are looking to update/rewrite policy and procedures all because of the current pandemic. Not any small task and one that should not involve a “quick fix”.

There are a lot of great free resources that have been made available from many different organizations spanning a variety of work sectors. Free to download, share, print, and use.

These documents and resources have been put together by some of today’s great leaders and professionals from the security, property management, automotive, government, healthcare, retail, and entertainment sectors to name but a few.

These documents contain great information and direction.

We do have one caution to provide. Many of these documents, although they have been written and compiled by a similar organization to yours and perhaps in a similar environment…its simply not specifically about your environment.

They are great to use as a foundation or as a guidance tool but each location experiences people, risk exposure, risk mitigation, emergency response, security requirements and measures differently. We may experience events that are very similar and, on the surface, appear to be identical…but if we take the time to look at them…they are different.

Take your time. Assess your organization…conduct or have a risk assessment conducted for your organization. Work to have all the stakeholders at your location involved and on board with the findings, and the steps to move forward.

Each risk assessment that we do for our clients is different. The risk assessment follows the same methodology, but the questions asked, the documents reviewed, the locations visited and the specific demographics of each and every location is different, driving a different risk assessment each and every time.

The mitigations strategies in the end may be similar, but not the same.

You are different, and so are your Risks.

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