Emergency / Disaster response agility & flexibility

Imagine it is a race. To run a good race, you need the right equipment, to exercise, and to test your run for that race several times before the race actually occurs.

The race, if you have not guessed, is the disruptive event. The event that changes your risk, security and business continuation and operational effectiveness profile.

Thankfully for some, the current pandemic is the only major emergency or race they are currently managing.

Others are managing the pandemic and one other or several other events at the same time: hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, cyber attacks, terrorism.

When one event is as large as a pandemic it stretches the resources of many organizations.

Pace yourself. Be agile in activating your plans and procedures. Be ready to adjust as things change. As we have already experienced, this event is already several months long with predictions of several more to come.

Some events, like a data disruption, can be an all hands-on deck immediate response, throw everything you have it. A sprint to the finish line.

Events such as the current pandemic, or maybe a wildfire or a flood are not a sprint. They are marathons.

Every runner needs a good pair of shoes to go the distance. We’re sure we have a size that will fit you.

We have gone the distance with other organizations.

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