If a bear can do it…risk mitigation & hibernation

So, we are coming out of hibernation, some of us faster than others, dependent on where you are geographically. We’ve for the most part spent the better part of 2 months or perhaps more…inside. We have been watching the world unfold either on television, on our phones and tablets or even at times just simply looking out the window.

We are not really creatures that hibernate. Physiologically it just would not work, in fact it would be very detrimental to us. We do know one species in particular that hibernates and it works well for them, the bear.

What can we perhaps learn from our friend the bear about coming out of hibernation?

Let us set the stage…we have been inside with no opportunity to meet in person with people, go shopping, dining, have family get togethers, graduations, attend school and so on.

Plain and simple…bears come out of hibernation no worse for wear except for a few things. They may appear a little drunk, a little disoriented, and perhaps really tired.

We know, we are all a little tired of the restrictions.

So, lets apply that to people. We are going to be nervous and possibly apprehensive about going out when we do go out, we are going to have moments of forgetfulness about the social/physical distancing requirements we have been practicing for some time now. We are really going to want to do things we were doing the same way we were doing them before all of this happened.

Same as a bear. They hibernate, they wake up, they want to go back to the same fishing spot and start fishing.

Getting into our usual favorite spaces is going to be different. Entrance and exits may be restructured or limited, there may be more of a visual and electronic security presence, more cleaning personnel, screening requirements and/or assessments. Things may be a little slower to get done. Not a big deal. We are all going to get there.

Like the bear we are all going to be a little disoriented because as we begin to have the ability to travel from place to place and do the things we want to do, not every business or organization will be doing it the same; albeit their intent should be.

Like the bear coming out of hibernation, we need to take some time, focus and appreciate that the risks and the risk assessments that were conducted for each of those very different businesses was just that, different. Some may have more extensive screening regimes; some may have lower capacity in store…some may still decide to wait it out a little longer and open at a later time.

The point being made is we need to remember that things will be different for a while and some of that may stay indefinitely. But as we all roll out of our caves from this hibernation, the forest we are coming out of is not the same as when we went in, just like the bear. We need to be patient; the fish will be there. We need to be understanding and respectful of the business, other patrons, and regulator requirements so that we can be immersed in healthy, safe, secure environments.

If the bears can do it, so can we.

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