On the road again

Globally we are on the cusp of opening up both leisure and business travel. Some locals are already beginning to experience tourism and business center intra-country travel.

Depending on the markets, business air travel accounts for anywhere from 12 to 50% of the passengers; a substantial piece of the travel market.

We also know that business travel is not just conducted via flights, but also by rail, water & of course by car/bus.

Regardless of how your business associates are getting around, have you trained /advised them of the potential risks that exist at their destination?

Understanding the risk & threats & having a plan is important at head quarters, your affiliated locations, and for your members that are traveling on behalf of the organization to vendor’s or client’s locals.

Do you regularly conduct a threat risk assessment & produce an information package & training with a plan for your traveling members of your organization?

Remember, threats & risks when travelling can be packaged a little differently compared to your plans you’ve made for your locales at home. There are possibly different political threats, organized crime, terrorism & different natural hazards than what your organization has previously ever planned for.

We can provide you & assist with your travel risk management efforts on a global scale.

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