Collective Resiliency – the SMB approach

When some hear the word resilience, they envision businesses bouncing back from a disruptive event. That is most certainly one way to define resilience. But to be resilient is deeper than that. Being resilient is not about one-time events or short-term recovery. It is about rising up. Rising up to embrace change, finding opportunity in chaos, adapting to new circumstances. What it really is, is the ability for a business to bounce, or maybe even leap forward. Maybe the resilient business emerges out of the disruptive event stronger, having been truly educated from lessons learned.

So, does being resilient only pertain to individual businesses? We would of course agree that each business should be resilient on its own merits, but the Michael White Group International wishes to present a different version.

Let us consider a collection of businesses working together. Consider the synergies between members of local Chambers of Commerce, local Business Networking International groups, and Business Improvement Area collective members. In many communities small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) are the organizations that keep community commerce alive. The members of such groups have at least one thing in common, geography.

We need to encourage the coming together/the combined efforts of both individuals and organizations before, during and after major disruptive events. To be successful, members need to be both proactive and reactive enabling this group to survive the long term. These types of collaborative arrangements and common goals create business community resiliency.

“As a SMB why is worth it to me to be individually resilient and also collectively resilient?”

Here is why the Michael White Group International believes there’s value. (Note that this is not coming from a place of speculation, but from a place of education, application, and results.)

A collective approach to sustainability increases awareness amongst those within your collective resilience group. The more eyes, both figuratively and literally, gives the ability to distribute information so that some disruptive events can be stopped (e.g. crime), some can be mitigated, and some we can chose to have some structure of preparation for in advance.

With increased information distribution comes enhanced security. The road to collaboration comes with responsibility. With that responsibility comes the sharing of information, knowledge, best practices to create greater security for the entire business community.

Collectively working together reduces stress. Owning and managing an SMB is stressful enough. When members of a collaborative group share their difficulties and challenges, they are usually not that unique and often others have experienced or are currently experiencing similar challenges.  This collectiveness provides members with fresh ideas, and reassurance as they face new or pre-existing challenges.

Collective resilience gives you a competitive advantage. Recovery time both in the short and long term will be improved. This improvement will result in a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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