Moment of serenity

We get distracted some times when dealing with one event and another enters and when nothing is happening we’re grateful for the moment of serenity.

We must stay focused and perhaps in that moment of serenity, we can think clearly and get things done. Here is a list, a checklist if you will, although small in appearance, it packs a lot of power when completed to its fullest and executed.

  • Assess your risk
    • both internally and externally
    • Historically what has happened in and around or to your organization and whether your at risk for future exposure
  • Assess critical business functions
    • What and who can you not do without?
  • Review planned investments for resilience to disasters
    • Have we banked anything for the next disaster? Funds, equipment and/or other resources
  • Have you met or exceeded known standards for your business sector?
    • Do we need to plan now for future construction or retrofitting to physically protect you from disasters?
  • Evaluate and Prepare your supply chain.
    • Have open communication with your current vendors and find secondary and tertiary suppliers
  • Create or update your emergency management plan, disaster recovery, business continuity and risk and security plans for your business and employees
  • Create a crisis communications plan
    • Update contact information for all employees, vendors and other business partners and resources
  • Plan for an alternate or secondary location for your business to operate from
    • This may mean a physical second location where all operations including employees can work from but it could also meet employees working remotely
    • Create a “go-kit” for you business
      • If you needed to close a location in a moments notice have important records and plans available to leave with you
  • Review your insurance coverage
  • Exercise your plan. Put it on paper, train your staff and test it regularly

We can assist you and your organization through this list. Reach out today and we can develop a strategic, customized and defensible strategy for your organizations.

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