Situation Awareness Specialist Training Announcement



We are excited to announce that we have strategically partnered with a great team of professionals at Arcuri Group LLC, Domenic J. Arcuri, and Richard Meyer to be able to provide the Situation Awareness Specialist® (SAS) Training.

Front line staff, security practitioners, and the C-Suite in various business verticals of private enterprise, government entities and critical infrastructure will benefit from Situation Awareness Specialist® (SAS) Training.

The Situation Awareness Specialist® (SAS) Certification program is designed to educate the participants in the craft of situational awareness so that they are better capable in understanding and dealing with the dynamics of random and potentially threatening events. ​

We look forward to this partnership and being able to deliver this training.


Michael White CPP CRM SAS-AP

President; Forensic Security & Security, Risk Management Consultant


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