Standing out

So where do you stand?  Cameras or no cameras, security guards or no security guards, integrated approach or no integrated approach, buy in from all stakeholder or fragmented buy in from stakeholders.

Tough question?  But is it an easy question to answer?

This post is for those individuals faced with a tough task ahead.  What kind of approach do we take towards our security and risk management?  What are some of the thoughts and things I should be thinking about?

First and foremost, decisions like this take time, a clear and focused objective, alliances with professionals, and a great understanding of your needs should be your first objective.

Sometimes some environments rely heavy on one thing…for example its either surveillance cameras and nothing else or it’s security guards and nothing else.  I’m not suggesting that this approach is wrong, this approach may be effective for some environments.  Where I think it fails is at the discovery stage.  The discovery stage is at the beginning of this whole process.  What do we need, what do we have, what should we get, is that necessary and so on.

A singular approach, an integrated approach, electronics only, people only, procedural implementation only all need to be looked at and reviewed.  Your approach may involve innovative sustainable solutions  (you’ll most certainly stand out then).

Knowledge and understanding of the need is essentially the first major hurdle to get past.  Quite frankly the overall implementation could be a $5 dollar fix or it could be a $50,000 fix.

Listen to your selected professionals, listen to the stakeholders.  Your approach and final decisions may incorporate a phased in approach (especially where funding is a concern), it may be a one time implementation with monitoring (always monitor, you need to know when to re-visit, update, upgrade or change things completely), it may be a singular approach.

Regardless of where you stand, you’re not going to do yourself, your organization or the stakeholders any justice until there is a clear understanding of the need, the objective, the approach, the  implementation and just as important the monitoring of your program.

It’s okay to stand out.



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