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The current COVID-19 pandemic has most certainly seen quite the use of both formal and many informal business continuity plans to manage this disruptive event for businesses for many SMB’s, locally and globally.

COVID-19, as we all can read the daily headlines, has had an impact on the health of millions.

This event has impacted the most valuable asset to any organization – its people.

It has forced SMB’s to fundamentally change, alter, and adapt their operational environment from projecting operational plans for the coming year to what is tomorrow going to be like. That rapid change takes a toll on an organization’s people. To cope, to manage, to be resilient, organizations must support their people not just in a work function task-oriented manner but in their health and well-being. For some organizations, this disruptive event has brought nothing but chaos. There is a new term for the speed of work to respond to this crisis; COVID-speed. “I have to implement this new software/process/training, security measure at COVID-speed.”

Organizations must still move forward. They must still meet the various and now varying requirements and obligations, maintain healthy employee relationships, maintain, and foster new customer/client/vendor relationships all the while maintaining a healthy risk and security posture. Employee fatigue is another important issue to consider in your security posture.

“How do you do that effectively?”

Communicate. Communicate clearly. Communicate often.

More importantly, get help. For many, if not most SMB’s and even large companies focusing on your risk and security posture is just not what you do best. And that is okay.

We have helped SMB’s weather many storms. We can help your SMB now.

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