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Having an effective Resiliency program (Risk and Security Management, Business Continuity, Emergency Management) requires those charged with these responsibilities to think holistically. They need to view their risks and threats, both internally and externally and the potential resulting impacts to their business in order to remain agile and ready to adapt and change in the face of disruption. Mindset is a key component to effectively managing risks. Knowing the gaps in the organization’s capability can help a leader steer the course away from the gaps, and implement small improvements as parts of other initiatives. Knowing the holistic picture of risks, gaps and improvements can create synergies. Synergies can help with adapting when an organization has to adapt. Use your sound risk management governance to know and prioritize what you are best prepared to do to respond, adapt and deploy.

It takes vision. It takes leadership. And at times it takes an unbiased opinion to help you through it.

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