What to do Next?

We’ve had the very fortunate opportunity to listen & to weigh in with our guidance surrounding the current pandemic & other concurrent emergencies with local, regional & global organizations. We value our dialogues with the professionals holding the responsibilities of risk, security & emergency management & various other positions within these organizations; from front line to the bottom line.

What we have observed is that during this pandemic event, organizations have shown great innovation, worked faster, yet efficient, considered more ideas at the table from more sources within their own organizations than they did many months ago. The range of responses are quite large.

Organizations with & without resources such as GSOC’s have proven that their risk, security & emergency response teams can be flexible, adaptable & resourceful in dealing with this event. We’ve seen modifications to operations, changes in procedure & policy, modifying existing technology for purpose, obtaining technology, or with no technology at all.

Meanwhile, some organizations have accelerated their adoption in technology to enable them to reimagine their risk, security & emergency response.

Some have taken this opportunity to rethink their current risk exposure & adapt accordingly for tomorrow’s challenges.

And some…have met the challenges of physical/social distancing simply with a can of spray paint & clear, concise communication.

We are proud that we have been asked to be at the table for our clients & others, in assisting, guiding & weighing in on the what to do next questions.

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