Why are there separate tables?

Silo officeLook familiar?  Is this your office environment?

I’m guessing, unfortunately for many organizations this is still the environment that we work in.

I often go into organizations and all of the stakeholders are around the table.  Well, I’ve requested all of the stakeholders to be at the table, but often I’m missing a few.

Whether by conscience omission, or accident some departments are often not at the table.  Why?  Is there no value for them as an individual or department?  Did we internally forget to invite them?

So how is it when I need to talk about/edit/re-write or even create an overall Emergency Response Plan one or two of the various teams representative Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Facilities/Maintenance, Enterprise Risk Management and even Security (once) are not be at the table.  I’m mean they just didn’t miss a meeting or two they’re not there for the whole thing.  They’re not included, consulted, there’s not even a mention that their inclusion is important.

It’s truly time that we get rid of the silos.  Especially when it comes to emergency response, preparedness, overall organizational resiliency.  Many plans out there have too many gaps.  Security will do this whilst Business Continuity wants to execute this and Facilities/Maintenance isn’t prepared for that until this happens.

We all need to be on the same page.  We striving for the same things.  So why aren’t we talking?  Let’s talk.  You’d be surprised how we’re having the same conversation but not communicating.

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